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Lollipop are one of the most established and respected names when it comes to cloth nappies. We've made it our business to find out all there is to know, making it easier for you to choose. We are a leading brand in reusable nappies with all Lollipop's nappies including the PopNGro One Size AIO, the PopNGro Pocket Nappy and the Super Softee developed using the latest fabrics and our experience as to what's best for baby.

With over 13 years experience, we know that when you're new to cloth nappies it can be confusing trying to sort out an all in one from a birth to potty - that's why we've taken extra care to make this site as helpful as we can, but remember if you're still not sure we're here to help! Our no pressure philosophy means you can easily make the decision that's right for you, right for your lifestyle and most importantly right for your baby.

Our friendly team of advisors can offer you all the advice you need about which cloth nappies will be best for your baby. From an individual nappy product demonstration for you and your partner to a group to talk at your ante-natal class - your Lollipop advisor will help you out.

If you are unsure about which reusable nappies are right for you and your baby please see our Lollipop nappy guide. To find out more about the comprehensive range of cloth nappy products we offer please browse our online store.


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